Commercial Cleaning Services

We fully customize and tailor our services to meet and exceed the needs of each client. Our top priority is your satisfaction & knowing you can count on us to get the job done. Enjoy a truly clean, productive and upbeat workspace or place of business for your customers.

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Commercial Services

We clean Gyms, Apartments, Airbnb’s, Vacation Rentals, Local Businesses, Offices, Car Dealerships and more.

  • Complete Bathroom Sanitization and Cleaning
  • Rotational Deep Cleaning Schedules
  • Customized Weekly Checklists for Each Location
  • Cleaning of Equipment or Office Areas
  • General Floor Care


We have customizable plans for our housekeeping packages. Which offer:

  • On-site Laundry Service
  • General Cleaning
    (trash, countertops, beds)
  • General Floor and Carpet Care
  • Disinfecting of Surfaces
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Residential Services

If you are looking for house cleaning services, this is for you!

We offer:

  • Standard Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Move In / Move Out Cleaning
  • Recurring Cleaning Service
  • Customized Cleaning
  • Satisfaction Gurantee

General Services

Airbnb Cleaning

We manage and oversee the cleaning operation of hundreds of Airbnb’s per month. Let us show you the ACE way of turning over your Airbnb! 


Window Cleaning

To ensure the safety of our cleaners, we provide Interior-only window cleaning.

Car Dealorships

We can manage and maintain your place of business to the highest of cleanliness standards with rotating deep clean schedules included. 

Laundry Services

On-site laundry service, making of the beds, and folding of the towels. Most common in our Airbnb model but can be customized to your place of business as needed. 

Gym Cleaning

Let us take care and maintain the highest cleanliness standards of your gym. Your customers will love us! 

Apartment Complex Cleaning

We can maintain and manage to the highest standards of cleanliness for all general areas, apartment turnovers, and offices.


General Carpet and Floor Care

Vacuuming, Sweeping, Mopping, and trash disposal. 

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning of baseboards or corners where dust settles most. Cleaning of equipment using Green Cleaning products to prevent damage. 

Appliance Deep Clean

Cleaning of the appliances and disinfecting of all surfaces around them.


What's Included

  • Our Custom Tailored Cleaning Plan
  • Our ACE Cleaning Schedule
  • Top-Tier Cleaning Service
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

How it Works

  • We Identify what each Property Requires
  • Provide you with a Proposal
  • You Experience Our Top-Tier Cleaning
  • Followed by a Customized Checklist and our Satisfaction Guarantee

What's to Expect

  • Top-Tier Cleaning 
  • A+ Communication and Attendance
  • Incredible Value
  • Upbeat and Productive Environmental Results

Our Pricing Plans

If the service location exceeds our standard square footage for one single cleaner, we will customize the price for two or more cleaners. The pricing below is to provide a general idea. It is not exactly what we charge as we thoroughly outline each project individually and provide a proposal in complete detail before scheduling the service.


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